Stand : Rowman, Makki, Enda

Sit : Onci and Pasha

Ungu (Purple) was formed in 1996. the founder is Ekky (guitar) and then I’ts members are Michael (vocal), Makki (Bass), Gatot (Keyboard) and Pasha Van derr Krabb (drums). In 1997, when Ungu was ready to perform, Pasha Van derr Krabb “disappeared” and his position was replaced by Rowman. Enda who previously is Ekky’s roadies also join with Ungu. Michael, the vocalist, also decided to out of this band without clearly reason. Then, his position was replaced by another “Pasha”, Sigit Purnomo Syamsudin Said. (of course this two “Pasha” are not both siblings). 😀

Ungu ever fill the two songs on the album Klik with Lakuna, Borneo, Picnic, and Energy. The two songs are “Hasrat” and “Bunga”. In 2000, Ungu began preparing their first album, which was eventually released July 6, 2002 entitled Laguku. Once released, the album has sold 150,000 copies in the market. Although somewhat successful, this album just got Platinum Award after almost two years it was released.

When will enter the “recording kitchen” for the second album, Ekky decided out. Oncy who had just left Funky Kopral band was selected to replace Ekky. The Ungu’s second album, Tempat Terindah, released in December 2003. This album is rely on “Karena Dia Kamu” as the first single and “Suara Hati” is selected as the second single. Just four months since its release, the album sale has reached 80,000 copies. The amount which is so significant when compared with the first album.

The Album Melayang released December 2005. In their third album with single hits “Demi Waktu”, Ungu gets double platinum. Hits “Demi Waktu” delivering them to become MTV Exclusive Artist in December 2005. It appears the reverberation of “Demi Waktu” were sweeping to Jiran country, Malaysia. Four companies scrambling to get the right label release in there. SRC, the company that hosts Siti Nurhaliza finally came out as winners.

Ungu issued a mini album to welcome Ramadan 1427 H entitled Surga-Mu, released September 2006. Only within ten days since the release of the mini album Surga-Mu, it has sold as many as 150.000 copies. Even Vice President Yusuf Kalla reward ‘ Inspiring ‘ for the album  Surga-Mu. Unfortunately, when they want to receive the award at the Vice President Palace, Ungu wearing a coat suit with jeans denied entry into the Palace, with a reason appropriate clothing with Palace precedence.

In MTV Indonesia Awards 2006, Ungu entered three nominations, the Most Favorite Group/Band/Duo, Best Director “Demi Waktu” (Abimael Gandy), and Video of the Year “Demi Waktu”.

Ungu with the support of “A Mild Live Productions” and “Trinity Optima Productions” makes a biography book. The book was given the title “A Mild Live Ungu Book Magazine” was launched on Thursday, May 10, 2007, in Jakarta. Printed as many as 40.000 copies, the book contains biographical details of each Ungu’s personnel, discography, photos, and even Ungu songs chord.

Ungu also often involved in making the soundtrack. Ungu ever donate a song for the movie Buruan Cium Gue which its prohibited to release (because it was considered too vulgar). 😐 Ungu also donates 3 songs for the movie “Coklat Stroberi” and two new songs, “Disini Untukmu” and “Sahabatku”, and included the song “Berjanjilah” from their third album, Melayang.

In “SCTV Music Awards 2007” event in the Town Hall Session Jakarta (JHCC), Ungu gets four victorys. Album Surga-Mu that produced by Trinity/Prosound brings Ungu became award recipients of  “Religion Album”, “Most Popular Song” and “Most Popular Video Clip” for the song “Andai Kutahu”. Whereas Melayang with the hits “Tercipta Untukmu” won the category “Pop Rock Duo/group Album”.

Purple released again their fourth regular album entitled Untukmu Selamanya. The Album is launching in four States at once, i.e., August 9th 2007 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, August 10th 2007 in Singapore, August 12th 2007 Hongkong and the peak on August 15th 2007 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The hits song in this album among others, “Kekasih Gelapku”, “Cinta Dalam Hati”, “Apalah Arti Cinta” and “Ijinkan Aku”.

Welcome Ramadan 1428 H, Ungu released the religion album again that shaped mini album entitled Para Pencari-Mu. In the album, Ungu collaborate with ustadz Jeffry Al Buchori. This Album contains only five songs, including “Para Pencari-Mu”, “Sembah Sujudku”, “Surga Hati”, “Sesungguhnya”, and “Tuhanku”. Before the mini album was released, three of the five songs had been chosen as the religion sinetron soundtrack which was aired during n Ramadhan.

From year to year, Ungu is always identical with love songs. Even though they are carrying Pop Rock as their stream, but the melodies which generated this band made their songs impressed to romantic. No wonder if the most of their fans, Ungu Cliquers, is woman.

Established on : 1996

Origins : Jakarta, Indonesia

Genre : Pop Rock

Years Active : 1996 – Present

Labels : Trinity Optima Production

Members : Pasha (Vocal), Enda and Oncy (Guitar), Makki (Bass), Rowman (Drum)

Past Members : Michael (Vocal), Ekky and Aryo (Guitar), Gatot (Keyboard), Pasha Van Der Krabb (Drum)

Discography :

Studio’s Album :

Religion’s Album :

Soundtrack’s Album :

  • 2007: Coklat Stroberi
  • 2007: Ayat-Ayat Cinta
  • 2009: Sang Pemimpi

Others :

  • 2000: Klik

Website : http://www.unguband.com/

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